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System Integration for the Connected Home


Savant Lighting Gets Wifi Control

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Savant launches the SmartLighting wifi-based lighting control range-- a solution one can use as either standalone control platform or part of a larger Savant automation system.

Savant SmartlightingEach wifi-connected keypad carries a dimmer, making the solution ideal for both new construction and retrofit applications. Keypads connected to existing line voltage and lighting load wiring become a networked device controllable via Savant iOS app or larger Savant ecosystem.

The double gang keypad features an internal processor, eliminating additional expenses with external hardware and related wiring, and provide access to real-time energy consumption data.


Lutron and SAGE Team Up in Light Management

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Lutron Electronics joins forces with electronically tintable glass developer SAGE Electrochromics to create the Total Light Management System-- a solution integrating lighting, motorised shade and tintable glass control.

SageGlassThe system combines SageGlass dynamic glass (tints on demand to modulate light, heat and glare) with Lutron QS products such as Quantum light management, HomeWork home control and Sivoia motorised shades.

Handling control are wireless occupancy and daylight sensors, as paired with Pico keypads.

“The combination of dimmable lighting, motorized window treatments and electrochromic glass is a powerful tool in the war against energy waste,” Lutron says. “Each of these solutions, on its own, can have a significant impact. Putting them together in an integrated façade can yield even greater savings and a solid return on investment.”


Terra-fic Outdoor Lighting and Sound

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Amber International ships the Terra LuminSound LS.32, a column housing the combination of speaker and lamp ideal for outdoor applications.

Terra LS 32Standing 82.5cm tall and 18cm wide at its widest point, the LS.32 provides adjustable accent, path or landscape lighting together with high-fidelity sound.

The lighting section is uplight, downlight or both-- with each MR16 waterproof lamp providing a wide spread of warm light illumination. One can adjust the light by tilting the lamp within the cast aluminium housing.

Amber also offers a weatherproof low voltage power supply (optional) powering up to x18 MR16 lamps.


Wireless Lighting from Control 4

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Control4 lightingControl4 launches a wireless lighting control family installers can seamlessly integrate with the company's systems-- Control4 Wireless Lighting, a product line complete with adaptive phase dimmers, combination keypad/dimmers, 0-10V dimmers and configurable control keypads.

Through the MyHome mobile device app users can easily mix lighting load types to automate personalised lighting schemes. It also integrates other automation functions into "scenes" such as "Home" (creates a lighting path from entry to the kitchen, disarms security systems), "Entertainment" (dims all lights, cues AV system) and "Away" (lowers shades, places AC in energy savings mode, shuts off all but a few select lights, activates security system).

The product family is ideal for both residential and commercial installations, as well as retrofit and new construction projects (100-277V). Offerings include:


Philips Warms Efficient LEDs

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LED lighting receives an energy efficient Philips upgrade-- the company presents tube lighting (TL) replacement TLED prototype producing a record of 200 lumens per watt of warm white light.

Philips TLED prototypeIn comparison regular fluorescent lighting rates at 100lm/W while incandescent light bulbs produce just 15lm/W.

“This again is a major breakthrough in LED lighting and will further drive the transformation of the lighting industry,” Philips Lighting says. “We now present the next innovative step in doubling lighting efficiency. It’s exciting to imagine the massive energy and cost savings it will bring to our planet and customers.”


Linear Expands Automation with Z-Wave

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Linear adds Z-wave lighting products to its wireless residential and commercial offerings-- a benchmark for the company looking to unify wireless lighting control with existing security and access control systems.

LinearZ-Wave-enabled lighting devices from Linear include wall dimmers, wall switches, wall outlets, lamp modules, appliance modules, 3-way switches/dimmers and fixture modules.

Such products fit with offerings from recent Linear acquisition 2GIG Technologies, since the 2GIG GO! Control platform is Z-Wave certified and provides a control panel for lighting, security and access control management.

Z-Wave is an international standard for intelligent, interoperable, low-power, RF mesh networking technology. A smart chip and compact protocol enable 2-way RF communications between Z-Wave enabled devices.

Go Linear

Apple’s Lightning is Not So Fast with Video

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Phil Schiller and Apple’s Lightning

Controversy has expoded around Apple’s new Lightning connector that makes most accessories to one’s older Apple products obsolete. But the frustration of accessory renewal is the fact, not the controversy.

The newest debate claims the new Lightning connector isn’t putting out full 1080p.

If you want a proper 1080p signal from your iPhone or iPad, you’d think the best bet is to plug it in directly using Apple’s ownLightning digital AV adapter. But some industry experts suggest that it is introducing noticeable compression artifacts.

A well-known software developer (writing in an aptly named “Panic Blog”) discovered that using the old Dock Connector AV adapter will output a full 1920 x 1080 video mirroring signal, but the newer Lightning AV adapter tops out at 1600 x 900.

Incredible, right? So the software developer goes hardware nuts and dives into the adapter and finds it is employing the same compression used in AirPlay to stream out the video. That’s his conclusion. Apple’s is…well, they don’t really talk to their customers as much as preach to them…so No Comment.