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System Integration for the Connected Home


UControl Home Security Platform

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Home Security is the entry point into the Digital Home. Based on this premise, uControl has created an open and technology-agnostic Home Security, Monitoring and Automation (SMA) platform.

uControl's open platform leverages home security services to accelerate the deployment of energy management, home automation and next gen services that your consumers will demand. The uControl says its TouchScreen is “a true gateway to future revenue beyond the initial monthly monitoring fees that you would expect from a home security service.”

The following are just a few of the benefits uControl lists that your organization when you add uControl's services to your existing product bundles.

  • Bundling opportunities with phone (VoIP), broadband, wireless, and cable services

  • Flexibility of subscription models, including both professional and self-monitoring options, IP video cameras, two-way voice monitoring and home automation

  • Additional branding touch points via web, mobile and TouchScreen portals

  • Utilization of the TouchScreen as an additional content portal for widgets, social networking and integration with services such as Caller ID,Voicemail and Pay-Per-View/On Demand

  • Monetization of content and applications on the TouchScreen – including advertising and subscription revenues

  • Ongoing add-on services as SMA develops into next generation functionality such as Green Tech automation

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Pro Home Control & Remote Monitoring

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Hawking's HomeRemote Pro Home Control and Remote Monitoring Starter Kit lets your customer secure, monitor and control their home remotely via a computer web browser or cellular phone.
Hawking Security
Using the broadband connection, the HomeRemote Pro Internet Gateway communicates with the HomeRemote Pro servers to allow remote control of home lighting, appliances, doors, garages, window shades, thermostat and more from the user friendly HomeRemote Pro Interface.

With the HomeRemote Pro System installed, you log on to the HomeRemote Pro website, enter your login information and begin monitoring your home; or open the HomeRemote Pro application on your cell phone and begin viewing live video of your home or turn the heater on before arriving home. The applications for the HomeRemote Pro System are limitless; begin customizing one for your lifestyle today.

Hawking calls it "the first affordable, do- it-yourself, mass market, home automation and security solution Starter Kit"

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Atomoo Offers Re-occurring Revenue as MSP

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AtomooAtomoo brings to CEDIA its new Managed Home solution, a real-time monitoring product. It polls the system every few minutes so it lets you actively monitor and manage a client's network to be sure devices, such as computers, control systems, printers, firewalls, internet access and security are operating properly.

Acting as a Managed Service Provider, Atomoo offers training and personalized business coaching, and site-based subscription pricing.

OK, it’s for USA market now but the concept seems to be a good one.