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System Integration for the Connected Home


Kwikset Goes Contemporary

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KwiksetKwikset unveils its Contemporary Smartcode Deadbolt, its latest ZigBee and Z-Wave offering.

It carries Home Connect technology, with remote locking through a motorised deadbolt. Once integrated into a home control sytem, users can activate the deadbolt from anywhere via web-enabled smartphone.

The SmartCode Deadbolt needs x4 AA batteries, eliminating any hardwiring.

Kiwkset's offerings work wirelessly with other home electronics (including lighting controls and thermostats) with wireless communications secured using 128-bit encryption.

Go Kwikset Expands Home Connect Lock Suite

DIY Security and Surveillance

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Samsung Techwin announces its DIY Security Systems, security products aiming for the home and SMB markets.

Samsung SurveillanceThe systems are available in 4-, 8- or 16-channels and include a DVR with storage capacities starting from 500GB to 1TB.

Samsung's OmniView software provices a single user interface through which users can simultaneously manage an infinite number of systems set at multiple locations.

Meanwhile QuickConnect automatically configures the systems with a wireless network, allowing remote viewing via PC or smartphone. Users can also watch video from their security systems from their TVs.

The DIY lines offers box and dome hi-res cameras with night vision capabilities (up to 40'), IP66 weatherproof design and wireless/audio options.

Go Samsung Techwin

Comcast Breaks Into Security Market

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In USA, Comcast is the first ISP to enter the home automation and security services market.

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast's offering, Xfinity, handles video monitoring, alarms, lighting and heating. One accesses all online through either PC or smartphone. There's also an option for text and email alerts.

The company breaks the service into 2 tiers - "Preferred" and "Basic". The Basic package includes only limited access to the full mobile access service suite offered. No pricing details are mentioned as yet. But ISPs worldwide see the market to install and handle security as potentially lucrative (with security costs billed together with internet usage) and that will make ISPs direct competitors with security installers.

Go Comcast Xfinity Security

Vue Security Without Wires

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Vue's wireless camera system makes it simple for customers to set up and use. Wireless battery operated cameras connect to a gateway (plugs into router or modem). Users can check their camera feeds online through personal account (requires yearly subscription).

Vue Personal Video Network

The wireless cameras transmit up to 100m to the nearest gateway. They mount on custom sticks via magnetic mounts, and easily relocate as needed. The cameras shoot video in flv at up to VGA resolution, and use FrameMesh wireless video encryption. Vuezone says battery life is up to one year under normal usage.

The personal video network starter pack contains 2 wireless cameras, 4 camera mounts, 1 gateway and 1 year's free subscription to a account. After 1 year, the account requires a yearly subscription for 2GB of video storage. Accounts can be shared as the user requires.

1 gateway syncs with up to 50 cameras, and a network takes up to 3 gateways.

Go Vue Personal Video Network

Logitech Debuts Wireless Home-Security System

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Move over. Here come the big brands…Logitech introduces a wireless home-monitoring camera system based on the Homeplug AV wireless-networking platform.

Logitech ALERT Wireless Home-Security System

“The video security market is characterized by expensive, hard-to-install and hard-to-use security systems, as well as poor-quality monitoring cameras," points out Eric Kintz, VP/GM of Logitech's video business.

Ouch... Hard-hitting Logitech is combining its training in out-of-the-box mass market sales with its HD video expertise (remember it dominates webcams at retail and also bought Lifesize) to throw its big retail brand punch into the home security market. Home security makers may reel from this hit, but Logitech will soon swing the second blow: they will bring Logitech Alert to the TV later this year as they enable Logitech Revue with Google TV customers to view any camera from any Google TV connected screen.

The Logitech Alert master systems (an indoors model and one other model weatherproofed for outdoors with night vision) include one HD camera, monitoring and control software, and free remote viewing of live video via a secure site. Also free smartphone apps enable viewing by iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

The cameras come with a 2GB MicroSD card for storage and offer motion-triggered recording via built-in DVR. The available cameras capture 720p video and feature a 130-degree wide-angle lens.

Go Logitech Alert 750i master system and Alert 750e outdoor

Wireless Driveway Sensor

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HAI’s Wireless Driveway Sensor 63A00-1 uses Earth's magnetic field to detect passing metal objects (presumably from automobiles to UFOs).


It can be used to turn on outdoor lighting upon approach or to alert homeowners when a visitor has entered the driveway. Since the 63A00-1 is wireless, there is no digging or underground cable required. The Wireless Driveway Sensor has two unique mounting options via the included stake or post/wall mount.

"This is a great value-add product for larger projects," explains HAI President, Jay McLellan. "Installation is easy for our dealers, and the additional benefit of showing driveway surveillance video when a car enters the driveway is an often requested feature."

Available during Q2, Wireless Driveway Sensor is part of HAI's wireless security product line, and requires use with HAI 64 Zone Wireless Receiver.


UControl Home Security Platform

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Home Security is the entry point into the Digital Home. Based on this premise, uControl has created an open and technology-agnostic Home Security, Monitoring and Automation (SMA) platform.

uControl's open platform leverages home security services to accelerate the deployment of energy management, home automation and next gen services that your consumers will demand. The uControl says its TouchScreen is “a true gateway to future revenue beyond the initial monthly monitoring fees that you would expect from a home security service.”

The following are just a few of the benefits uControl lists that your organization when you add uControl's services to your existing product bundles.

  • Bundling opportunities with phone (VoIP), broadband, wireless, and cable services

  • Flexibility of subscription models, including both professional and self-monitoring options, IP video cameras, two-way voice monitoring and home automation

  • Additional branding touch points via web, mobile and TouchScreen portals

  • Utilization of the TouchScreen as an additional content portal for widgets, social networking and integration with services such as Caller ID,Voicemail and Pay-Per-View/On Demand

  • Monetization of content and applications on the TouchScreen – including advertising and subscription revenues

  • Ongoing add-on services as SMA develops into next generation functionality such as Green Tech automation

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