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AWE Europe Launches Own Brand

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AWE Europe launches its own brand of premium quality CI products under the Kinetik Labs brand to sell to installers in the UK (as well as appointing distributors throughout Europe to sell to local installers.)

"For some time now, we have been looking to create our own range of installer-friendly products and I am delighted that we can now introduce Kinetik Labs as a new name into the CI marketplace" says Stuart Tickle, MD at AWE Europe. "To become a Kinetik product, the piece of equipment must meet our stringent quality criteria which is set out and assessed by experienced AWE people. This team is made up of front line technical and sales staff, including ex-installers who really know their stuff."

"We know dealers want products that do what they say on the tin…No fuss, no smoke and mirrors, just well priced decent kit with all the essential accessories included. It must also have a very attractive dealer margin backed by great technical support and a solid market strategy…all things that AWE has become renowned for over the years. In celebrating our 75th anniversary in 2010, we are really excited about this new landmark in the history of AWE. It will give our customers exactly what they want".

Initial Kinetik products will cover Infra Red receiver kits and CI speakers, where the emphasis will be on reliability, quality build, affordability and CI friendly features and benefits. Specific product range details will be announced shortly.

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T&T Automation Takes Three (Three Awards)

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alt T&T Automation walks away from the 2009 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Awards with no fewer then three accolades, including the prestigious 2009 Best Integrated Home Overall Winner. (Photo: Tony Harper and Carl Ambrus.)

The awards were given at the CEDIA US Expo in recognition of their work on residential properties in North America. T&T, with offices in both the UK and British Columbia, won the Level III Gold Technical Design Award ($216,000-$260,000), the Level X Gold Technical Design Award ($1,400,001+) and was named the 2009 Best Integrated Home Overall Winner for their residential custom installation projects in Canada.

T&T's Canadian division as the branch has only been established for a mere two years, and is already being recognised for their projects.

CEDIA Chairman, Robert Hallam added "It's great to see a CEDIA Region 1 member doing so well across the pond! We have always known that our members set the benchmark for quality, both nationally and internationally, and it is great to have their considerable achievements recognised in this way."

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Turbosound & Mega Audio at Prolight+Sound 2009

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altJust appointed as the new German distributor, Mega Audio will be showing for the first time a range of Turbosound’s loudspeakers on its stand at Prolight+Sound.

At the show will be Turbosound’s TCS series sound contracting products, and its Flex Array system in both flown and ground-stacked configurations.

The new TCS series is a complete range of installation products ranging from a large-format double 18” subwoofer and two single 15” arrayable subs, through 12” and 15” active/passive two-way mid-highs to an ultra-compact 6.5” passive model. Turbosound has also developed a high power three-way switchable bi-amp / tri-amp loudspeaker to provide contractors with a full complement of solutions, rounded off with a quality ceiling speaker for background sound applications.

In the TCS series, Dendritic waveguides deliver improved “array-ability” and endless cluster possibilities together with Turbosound voicing. The well-proven Converging Elliptical waveguide also features in the range, with the smooth and even dispersion characteristics ideal for smaller clubs, cafés and restaurants.

The TCS series provides a vast array of useful options – including IP54 weather.

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Flixmedia’s Misco Video Podcast

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One of Europe’s largest online retailers of electrical and technology products, Misco will provide its customers with technology updates and product news, thanks to the launch of a new monthly video podcast.

Misco will use the regular video podcast to leverage site traffic, provide a more compelling user experience, encourage “more informed” buying choices, and directly add value to its products through this modern communications channel.

As we’ve mentioned before in RAVE EUROPE, more and more businesses will need help jumping on the video meal ticket that’s been served up by YouTube and a web video generation. Integrators and clients both win as pro AV channels can help educate, create content, provide hardware and software when required, and consult on best video business practice.

This podcast was not produced by Misco in-house-- instead they turned to video integrator Flixmedia. The video podcast will broadcast via, available free for download and subscription.

Flixmedia provides online content solutions for makers of consumer goods (including HP, Philips, Symantec, Dyson, Panasonic and Toshiba). It offers production of online product videos (QuikClips) and the distribution of the content to its Flixmedia Global Distribution Network.

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Audiolead Signs on Audica Professional

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Audiolead in the Suresnes suburb of Paris adds Audica Professional, the UK manufacturer of the stylish MICROseries range of loudspeakers and electronics for the background music, AV and audio communications markets.

Audiolead is the French distributor for Community, Erjk, Novasonar, Panbeam and Tannoy, in addition to some lighting and visual effects products.

Audica Professional sales director, Derek West, says, "...Audiolead has a strong focus on architectural and advanced technology solutions and their understanding and penetration in this sector makes them an ideal partner for Audica Professional".

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An Old Tradition, the Trading Company Comes to CeBIT

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Inside the ICP@CeBIT pavilion in Reseller Planet at CeBIT, we were surprised to see the stand of Al-Futtaim Electronics.

We recognized Al-Futtaim from their position in the Middle East market where they represent brands like Volvo, Alactel, Toys R Us, Toshiba, Panasonic and more.

A part of the nature of the Middle East market reflects the nature of their dominant trading partners: the factories of Asia. In Korea, they have chaebols and in Japan the zaibatsu. These are generally family owned trading companies that grew into conglomerates with diverse interests.

Al-Futtaim’s growth (more than 70 companies in the group) reminds us of Mitsui Trading and other Asian traders. Today Al-Futtaim has inside its conglomerate, an impressive group of electronics companies. Maybe you recognize the high street retailer, Plug-Ins. Or the pan-MEA product service company, Tech Serve. There’s Panatech, the exclusive Panasonic distie.

On the retail side, there’s IKEA, ACE HARDWARE and Toys R Us in the Al-Futtaim group.

So which company of the group has a stand at CeBIT?

Gouri Shankar represents the Global Trading Division of Al-Futtaim Electronics. GTD sells branded electronics from CE, IT, home appliances and telecom industries.

And when Shankar says “branded,” he really means “big brands.” In CE and home appliances, we’re talking Sharp, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung, LG, Nintendo, Apple and, of course, Panasonic. In mobile phone , the brands are Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung Sony Ericsson and even HTC. For IT, Al-Futtaim sells Intel, Seagate, Toshiba, HP, Acer, Hitachi and Western Digital.

Al Futtaim

C. Gouri Shankar, Business Head Global Trading Div., Al-Futtaim
with TDC Editor-in-Chief Bob Snyder at


“We sell only branded,” notes Shankar. “We have a responsibility to quality in these three areas [CE/Home appliances, IT, Telecom].”
“Although the world is shrinking day by day, our principals are not in every market. Nd in peak selling season, demand outstrips supply. Product always seems to be in the wrong places at the wrong time. Currency fluctuations are more volatile than years before.”
“So we have a lot of customers and vendors in Europe. CeBIT is wonderful to meet everybody at the same time. 2007 was a turbulent year for everyone. Real traders were not at CeBIT and were getting on with business. This year traffic is good and the quality of attendee is up. We’re seeing the type of customer that’s in it for the long haul and not the quick buck.”
Check out the Al-Futtaim group…

Global trading at \n This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Lutron Signs on AWE

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AWE in UK has been appointed as an authorised distributor for Lutron lighting control systems.

AWE will be focussing on Lutron's Rania single room dimmers and the new modular GRAFIK Eye QS whole house lighting control system. AWE will be providing training of Lutron lighting control systems to ensure that installers get the most from their AWE purchase.

"Lutron is an exciting addition to our portfolio and takes AWE into a new product category" explains Stuart Tickle, MD at AWE. "The GRAFIK Eye QS has a dedicated ProntoScript module enabling pre-set scenes of lighting and shade control to be operated, and it can obviously be operated from anywhere in the home. The 2-way feedback confirms system status, for example whether your house security lights are on."

For custom installers, AWE highlights the benefits of installing a lighting control system: As well as adding value to an install, there are energy savings to be made achieved by intelligent setting of lighting scenes. The security benefits should not be underestimated either; timed lighting settings (e.g. holiday mode) and an activation setting triggered by an alarm is an excellent deterrent to intruders. And the convenience of zonal settings such as ‘all off’ and modes such as ‘night time’ or ‘go to the bathroom’ are a great selling point for installers.


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Watch Our Interview with Stuart Tickle at CEDIA