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Projection and Screens

Sony Presents Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector

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Sony shows off a miniature means to turn walls into displays-- the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, a self-descriptive battery-powered device able to throw images on any adjacent surface.

Ultra Short Throw ProjectorPart of Sony's "Life Space UX" product portfolio, the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector projects autofocused 1366x768 resolution images between 22- to 80-inch in size at 100 lumens brightness. As such it might be less impressive than the previous Sony take on short-throw projectors, the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector, but battery-powered option is smaller in size (81mm x 131mm x 131mm) and lasts for around 2 hours on a single charge.

Connectivity comes via HDMI, wireless hub and Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing users to play content from mobile devices. As for mounting Sony offers a minimalist optional stand.


Wolf Debuts 4K-Ready D-ILA Home Cinema Projectors

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Wolf Cinema projectorWolf Cinema announces a pair of flagship projector and processor ensembles built around 6th generation 3-chip D-ILA light engine technologies at CES 2016, as well as upgrades to 4 existing projectors.

The 2 flagship projector additions combine the SDC-12 and SDC-15 models with a custom outboard ProScaler MK IV video processor. Dubbed the SDC-12 Ultra 4K and SDC-15 Ultra 4K, the projectors deliver an expanded feature set and processing prowess to deliver images up to 4.3m in width.


Elite Intros Aeon UST Fixed Frame Screen

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Elite Screen launches the Aeon UST (Ultra Short Throw)-- an EDGE FREE fixed frame screen featuring the StarBright CLR (Ceiling Light Rejecting) material.

Elite Screens USTStarBright CLR has a serriform microstructure the company claims absorbs up to 95% of overhead lightning. The result eliminates washout, creating a clear image specifically for tabletop-mounted ultra short-throw projectors. In addition the material promises contrast levels up to 100 times greater than standard matte white projection screens.


Slimmer LG Minibeam Projectors at CES 2016

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LG announces the launch of a trio of Minibeam series projectors ahead of CES 2016-- the PH550, PW1000 and PW1500, all featuring Bluetooth and wifi connectivity within a slimmer design.

LG MinibeamsThe PH550 features what the company claims "triple wire-free connectivity," since it streams content from mobile devices via wifi mirroring-enabled Screen Share, uses Bluetooth to connect to speakers and runs for up to 2.5 hours on built-in rechargeable battery. Brightness reaches 550 lumens, making it one of the brightest LG battery-powered projectors.


Elite Debuts Starling Series Screens

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Elite starling seriesElite Screens launches the second generation of Starling Series motorised projection screens-- the Starling 2, an enhanced version aimed at the higher-end CE retail market.

Available with Spectra White FG material alongside a stronger, faster tubular motor, the Starling 2 features integrated up-down controls on the side end-cap. A 5-12v trigger coordinates screen retraction with the projector power cycle together with a new RS232 connection, while an extended IR "eye" sensor takes care of in-ceiling applications.


ZTE Presents Spro 2 Portable Projector

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ZTE presents a wifi-only version of the Spro 2 projector-- a battery-powered portable device able to project live and on-demand video through pre-loaded apps.

ZTE Spro 2It projects 1280x720 resolution images at 120-inches and 200 lumens brightness, with included auto-focus and auto keystone correction. JBL provides audio capabilities, while the 6300mAh battery powers for up to 2.5 hours of projection on a single charge.

Being an Android device it also handles other video streaming and media apps available on the Google Play store, with a bulit-in 5-inch touchscreen providing necessary control. In addition it also handles content from HDMI and USB connections, 64GB micro SD card, Bluetooth and 16GB internal storage.


LG’s Minibeam Ultra Short-Throw

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LG PF1000U Minibeam UST

LG Electronics introduces a new projector, Minibeam Ultra Short-Throw (UST), capable of projecting a 100-inch image on a screen or wall from only 38 centimeters away.

At under two kilograms, the projector (model PF1000U) is transportable and easy to set up in any room of the house. Able to display Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and brightness of 1000 lumens, the Minibeam UST picture quality is enhanced by its LG Triple XD Engine.

The projector employs a self-emitting RGB LED illumination system e while running quietly at only 21dB in Eco Mode.

With its Four Corner Keystone function, viewers can easily eliminate distortion even when the projector isn’t perfectly aligned with the screen. The Minibeam UST can also connect via Bluetooth to sound bars, portable speakers and wireless earphones for an immersive audio experience. The projector also comes equipped with a TV tuner as well as USB and HDMI inputs.

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