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Optoma Presents Flagship WU1500 Projector

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Optoma launches the WU1500-- a flagship installation projector featuring twin lamps and a lineup of 6 lens options designed for 24/7 use in larger venues, with brightness reaching 12000 lumens.

Optoma WU1500One can either use the two lamps simultaneously for maximum brightness or go for a "lamp relay" function to switch between lamps, effectively doubling the interval between lamp replacement is required. In case of lamp failure the projector continues to operate on the remaining lamp.

The 6 optional lenses feature LD (low dispersion) glass to enhance brightness and reduce colour flare and chromatic aberrations, even over long throw distances. All lamp options offer motorised zoom and focus, including the shortest lamp, one Optoma says is suitable for rear projection.


Draper's Larger Optically Seamless TecVision Surfaces

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Draper shows new, larger sizes for its award-winning TecVision Engineered Surface Technology line.

Optically Seamless TecVision screens are now available up to 23 feet (7m) high.

Instead of using traditional seams, or taking the very expensive approach of having a seamless substrate, Draper took a different approach.


Spro Plus Combines Tablet With Projector

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ZTE is no stranger to Android-powered projectors, but its latest takes an even bigger form factor-- featuring an 8.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen, the Spro Plus is essentially a tablet grafted on top of a projector.

Spro PlusAnnounced at MWC 2016, the Spro Plus combines a 500 lumen projector with a Snapdragon 801 CPU, 3GB RAM, 128GB storage (expandable via SDXC card) and 12100mAh battery. Connectivity comes through wifi, Bluetooth and optional LTE. As such, one can easily describe it as a chunky mid-range tablet able to beam 80-inch images on walls or screens.


Coretronic Demos 4K UHD, Ultra Short Throw Projectors

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ISE 2016 houses the European launch of what Coretronics describes as the industry's first consumer-grade single-chip DLP HLD LED projector, together with a home cinema lineup.

CoretrnicsThe DLP HLD LED projector can be seen at the show in prototype form. Show visitors can also check out a Coretronic HD laser cinema solution featuring lamp-less laser light source and ultra short throw features promising clear images, high contrest, high brightness and a "rich audio visual experience."

The projector features a compact design and is easy to integrate with smart home networks, allowing use as a controller and display screen.


Optoma Shows Off 4K HLD Projector at ISE

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Optoma is set to show off its latest and greatest at ISE 2016-- including a first 4K HLD (High Lumen Density) projector claiming industry-leading colour accuracy and detail.

Optoma ISEHLD technology promises to boost the brightness and colour performance of a standard LED projector by 300%. The projector also features Philips and Texas Instruments technologies, and builds on the 1080p HLD projector shown off by Optoma back in June 2015.

"HLD technology will enable a new generation of far brighter LED DLP projectors with industry leading colour performance and accuracy," the company says. "Optoma is proud to be leading the way and introducing it to the home cinema market in 2016.”


Rear Projection Product Ships in a Roll

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Da-Plex Semi-Rigid

You could argue rigid rear projection can provide the best images in the industry, but there are problems getting large and heavy crates into small spaces. Introduced late last year, the Da-Plex Semi-Rigid is a rear projection screen that ships in a roll for ease of handling, transportation and installation.

The Da-Plex Semi-Rigid features Da-Lite’s high performance optical coatings designed in its R&D facility by an in-house team of chemists. The product is highly customizable in size, coating and curve radius options.

“The Da-Plex Semi-Rigid provides an easy installation experience as well as a superior image under projection. Because it ships in a 36 inch diameter roll, superior image quality is no longer dependent on where it will actually fit in a building. We hope that this will help solve some of the challenges we see with customers trying to get a screen onto a high floor,” says Melissa Rone, Senior Marketing Manager.

Go Da-Plex Semi-Rigid


dnp Ships Supernova Blade

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The dnp Supernova Blade is a frameless projection screen designed for residential applications (as well as meeting rooms and retail environments) able to create a floating-like image.

dnp Supernova BladeOnly 3mm thick and available on 100-, 110- and 120-inch sizes in 16:9, the screen has a clean look and a slim-line format suiting modern architecture and interiors. It is made with ISF-certified Supernova 08-85 or 23-23 material, and has a built-in optical filter to absorb ambient light and boost contrast by up to 7x more than conventional front projection screens, dnp claims.