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TVMucho Brings a New Vertical Market: Expats

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Vertical marketing. We all know it is the way to get closer to customers.

TVMuchoNow TVMucho brings you to a "sleeper" vertical market that has been underestimated.  There are 6.5m expats in Spain, 7.8m in the UK, 10m in Germany, 2m in the Netherlands and more than 45m in the U.S.

TVMucho is a software-based product that offers access to TV broadcasts from users’ home countries. TVMucho works on smart TVs, set top-boxes, PCs, Mac, mobile and tablet devices anywhere in the world.

There are no regional blocks so no computer or VPN/IP shield is required.

TVMucho targets a huge worldwide group. "We've spent a lot of time and effort researching those expat customers, and we can claim to understand them better than any other TV provider," says Vincent Weberink, CEO at TVMucho.


A Flexson TV Stand for Sonos Playbase

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Sonos accessory specialist Flexson presents an adjustable TV stand for the Playbase-- a flexible means to allow customers to neatly integrate the Sonos audio solution with virtually any TV.

Flexson base Built out of aluminium and steel, the stand holds TVs up to 65-inch in size weighing up to 45kg. Users can adjust the height, depth and angle of the TV to suit individual viewing needs, and a customisable cable management solution is included.

“The Sonos Playbase is a fabulous way to make more of your TV sound, and we’ve created a high-quality accessory to help users get even more from it," the company says. "Our adjustable TV stand allows users with all kinds of TVs-- even the larger sets, which may not otherwise fit on a soundbase-- to create a seamless yet flexible sound and vision centre.”


Sharp Returns to OLED TV Production?

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The Japan Times reports a familiar name plans to make a return to TVs-- the Foxconn-owned Sharp is building large OLED panels for TVs in new production lines at its Japanese production plants

Sharp TVThe report adds the company plans to spend $15 million on the plants in the City of Sakai and the town of Maki, and hopes to start operations in April-June 2018. The plants will mass-produce not only TV panels, but also small and medium-size OLEDs for laptop and smartphone use.

In addition, it will continue development of 8K LCD TVs.

Currently, LG Display is the only company building OLED panels suitable for consumer TV use. These are found in OLED 4K TVs from the likes of Sony and Panasonic, as well as LG itself. OLED panels are pricey to produce, and as such the panel category still has a fairly small share of the global TV market.


Aquavision Debuts Horizon Outdoor TVs

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Element-proof TV specialist Aquavision announces a new line of exterior TVs-- Horizon, a range the company claims can withstand nearly all extreme weather conditions.

Aquavision HorizonBased on the Nexus+ and Elite 4K range, Horizon TVs feature reflective LED screens designed for optimum viewing even in the brightest sunshine. They are IP65 rated against water, dust, sand, moisture and insects, and are ideal for marine, pool or patio locations. Aquavision says the TVs operate in temperatures ranging from -40° to up to 110° C

VESA mounts come as standard, while control comes through IP, RS232 and discrete IR. Connectivity includes x2 HDMI and x2 USB ports.


Loewe Bild 7 Gets 77-inch Option

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Loewe announces the Bild 7.77-- a 77-inch addition to the Bild 7 OLED TV range, offering 4K resolution together with HDR, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision support from a set just 9mm thick.

Bild 7.77The Bild 7.77 features Loewe's trademark minimalist design, with a graphite grey aluminium front and optional dark or light grey fabric back covers hiding all cables. An included 120W soundbar provides audio, and customers can pair it with a full audio system (such as the company's Klang 5 speakers) via built-in 5.1 surround sound decoder.


LG and SES Show Off 4K High Frame Rate Technology

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LG joins SES to demonstrate OLED TVs featuring 4K High Frame Rate (HFR) broadcasting at the 10th SES Industry Days conference in Luxembourg.

LG SESThe 4K HFR content is transmitted live via ASTRA satellite at 19.2-degrees East, and displayed on LG OLED TVs using prototype HFR software. This makes for an opportunity to experience the "highly-improved" quality of next generation 4K HFR broadcast content.

HFR broadcast technology enhances the quality of 4K/UHD delivery by increasing the frames per second (fps) up to 120, the maximum for broadcast content. In comparison, most current technology supports 50fps or less. The enhanced fps is particularly beneficial for fast action such as sports, pushing highly fluid images without motion blur and judder.


Loewe Goes Art Deco With Bild 9

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Loewe announces an Art Deco-inspired UHD OLED TV-- the Bild 9, designed Loewe London-based creative director Bodo Sperlein to channel a classic 1920s look.

Loewe Bild 9Featuring a Bauhaus-style design complete with geometric shapes and material, the Bild 9 comes on a solid steel frame in either Amber Gold or Graphite Gray. The actual TV panel is just 7mm thick, and all cabling feeds through the frame while fabric covers the connection ports.