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URC Intros 5-inch TKP-5500 Touchscreen

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URC announces the TKP-5500-- an in-wall touchscreen for the company's Total Control smart home automation system featuring a high resolution 5-inch colour touchscreen.

TKP-5500Compatible with all URC TC Advanced Network Controller models (MRX-8/10/20), the TKP-5500 is mountable in either portrait or landscape modes in a standard single-gang wall box. It handles all Total Control features, including IP cameras, 3rd party devices (2-way), Z-Wave control, SNP-2, timers, events, rooms menu (can switch the controlled room) and room linking for URC DMS products.


Extron Intros 10-inch TouchLink Pro Touchpanels

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Extron launches 10-inch versions of its control system touchpanels with the TLP Pro 1022M and 1022T-- wall mount and tabletop models featuring capacitive edge-to-edge glass touchscreens.

Extron TLP Pro touchscreenThe displays handle 1024 x 600 resolution and, like all TouchLink Pro models, feature faster processing and more memory within a sleek design. Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides power and communications over a single ethernet cable.


Ray Super Remote Gets Global Caché Support

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Ray Enterprises turns to Global Caché to provide IP-to-IR adapters to the Ray Super Remote, the company's smartphone-esque universal remote.

Global Cache RayThrough the partnership the Ray Super Remote can also operate devices controlled by relay, as well as other any other devices with support for the Global Cache IP-enabled Flex controllers.

“This is a big step forward for Ray in the professional installer and integrator market,” Ray Enterprises says. “Providing a seamless integration with Global Caché’s products is a key milestone for Ray to solidify its position as a powerful control solution for highly sophisticated living room setups and extending to devices throughout the home.”


Studios Kill SlySoft DVD Ripper

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Bad news for customers using DVD movie servers-- the movie studios's DRM police have managed to shut down SlySoft, developer of the popular AnyDVD DVD and Blu-ray disc ripping software.

Blu-rayA visit to the SlySoft website brings up a simple message stating "Due to recent regulatory requirements we have had to cease all activities relating to SlySoft Inc. We wish to thank our loyal customers/clients for their patronage over the years."

Being based in Antigua, SlySoft managed to escape the hounding of US copyright-protection bodies such as the DVD CCA (the entity responsible for shutting down RealDVD and almost killing Kaleidescape) and the AACS LA for a long while before it was forced to close. A number of movie server vendors use AnyDVD, including Control4, Duhe HD, Fusion Research, Vidabox and Mozaex.


Extron Introduces eBUS for AV System Control

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Extron eBUS

Extron Electronics introduces the eBUS family of button panels and accessories.

eBUS button panels are fully-customizable AV system control interfaces that utilize a unique digital bus architecture allowing for easy control system expansion, greater design options, and future upgrades. Button panels are connected to each other and an IPCP Pro control processor with a single cable that carries both power and communication.

This efficient, expandable design allows a button panel to be used as a single user interface in a smaller system or combined with other button panels and touchpanels when a more elaborate control system is required.

The EBP 100 and EBP 200 eBUS Button Panels are part of the growing eBUS family. These are two and three-gang pushbutton control interfaces that perform a wide variety of AV system functions such as display On/Off, input switching, volume control, and much more. They feature dual-colored, backlit buttons that provide easy operation in low-light environments and a volume knob for smooth, precise volume adjustments.

Two eBUS ports are available for easy system expansion. The EBP 100 mounts in a two-gang junction box, and the EBP 200 mounts in a three-gang junction box. Included mud rings provide convenient mounting in lecterns, tabletops, or other flat surfaces.

"Extron's new eBUS technology makes AV button panel integration and expansion easier than ever," says Casey Hall, VP Sales and Marketing for Extron. "Single-cable connections and multiple mounting options help system designers grow an AV control system from a single button panel to multiple panels to fit a wide variety of applications."

Since eBUS button panels have the same physical appearance as Extron’s broad range of MediaLink controllers, they can be used alongside these controllers throughout a facility while preserving a consistent look and user experience. Buttons can be easily customized using Extron Button Label Generator software or by using the online Custom Button Builder application.

Go Extron’s eBUS

Watch Product Video of Extron’s eBUS


Sony Adds ePaper to Universal Remote

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Sony HuisSony presents the next product from its First Flight crowdfunding platform-- the Huis Remote Controller, a universal remote with an ePaper touchscreen replacing the traditional button array.

The Huis (pronounced "house") can control devices ranging from TVs and home theatre equipment to lighting and cooling, all through an interface users can customise through either the remote itself or PC app. According to Sony the ePaper display allows for a longer-lasting battery, and being always-on the technology is actually ideal for remote control use.


URC Ships Total Control TRC-820

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URC TRC-820URC starts shipping the Total Control TRC-820-- an entry-level handheld control interface compatible with all URC System controllers, including the MRX-20, MRX-10 and MRX-8.

Programmable via Accelerator, the TRC-820 features graphical home automation system control, user-programmable shortcuts (allowing quick access to favourite devices) and live video on the 2-inch colour LCD from connected cameras from anywhere in the house. Unlike previous entry-level URC remotes, connectivity comes through regular wifi (not proprietary 2.4GHz protocol).