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System Integration for the Connected Home

Industry news

Google Takes on Home Devices

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The Made by Google event involved more than Pixel-branded phones-- the search company is set to take on the connected home with the the Home smart speaker, the simply named Wi-Fi router and the 4K-capable Chromecast Ultra.

Made by GoogleFirst seen back in May at the I/O conference, Home is the company's Alexa-style smart speaker. Similar in shape to an oversized salt shaker, the speaker runs on Assistant (the Google voice-controlled AI platform), and can play music from YouTube or Spotify, queue media on Netflix or Hulu, and answer spoken questions.

Google is also ready to take on home networking through Wi-Fi, a followup to the OnHub router similar to the Eero. The system uses multiple, puck-like access points to blanket the home with wireless access, with Network Assist software automatically optimising the network. A companion app allows users to manually manage users.


RIP: RTI Founder John Demskie

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RTI announces the loss of founder and CEO John Demskie, who passed away unexpectedly at his Florida home on 15 September 2016. He was 48 years old.

John Demskie “John was a true pioneer in home automation,” the company says. “His passion for designing and creating innovative solutions has greatly influenced the control market. We are dedicated to furthering his technical vision which is at the heart of this company. He will be greatly missed within our RTI family and the industry as a whole.”

Demskie founded RTI in 1992 from his one-room apartment in Minnesota. A skilled hardware engineer, Demskie was a home theatre and CE enthusiast, and his vision for RTI remotes and touchscreen control devices was born after seeing countless magazine images of high-end homes with dozens of entertainment system remotes littering coffee tables.


CEDIA Integrates into a Single Association

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The EMEA wing of CEDIA is no more-- the association announces plans to to become a single unified worldwide organisation, one promising "significant benefits to all members."

CEDIA logo“Many of our members may not realize that CEDIA EMEA has been operating under a licensing agreement since that office opened in 1997,” CEDIA CEO Vin Bruno says. “While we have enjoyed a strong and productive partnership, we have identified that the member experience could be more seamless, the brand voice more consistent and our services to members improved through a formal integration.”

The move towards integration comes as CEDIA member businesses are becoming more globalised. As such, it is a natural move for the association after it implemented a new global brand last year. The integration brings a number of key benefits, including streamlined governance, broad global support, and added value for all members.


CEDIA's Tech Council Sees the Future, Part 1

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by Ed Wenck, CEDIA Content Marketing Manager

Feeling overwhelmed? Of course you are. We all are, to some extent. We’re on a ride that’s getting ever faster, a ride powered by the “Law of Accelerating Returns.”

That premise, famously posited by Google Futurist Ray Kurzweil, states that information technology is growing — and learning — exponentially. Humans don’t operate that way — we are, by our nature, linear — but the machines we’ve created have the ability to double their “thinking” power at a startling rate. Exponentially, in fact.

CEDIA Part 1, A

As people, we plod along. We proceed in simple steps, one after another. As Kurzweil told the Financial Times, "30 steps linearly gets you to 30. One, two, three, four; step 30 you're at 30. With exponential growth, it's one, two, four, eight. Step 30, you're at a billion.”

That rate right now, right here in 2016? “Every 18 months we’re doubling the knowledge that’s available to us,” says Dave Pedigo, CEDIA’s Senior Director of Emerging Technologies.

And what does this mean to you, O Technology Integrator?



PureLink and Savant Team Up in 4K Video

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PureLink and Savant announce a partnership in 4K video-- one combining Savant residential switching products with PureLink's commercial 4K/UHD video matrix switchers.

Purelink SavantBoth PureLink UX-8800 and UX-4400 (8x8 and 4x4) 4K HDMI switchers support HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0b (4:4:4/60Hz), and each includes a SmartHost Premium license. Also coming soon is the PureLink HCE II extender, an HDMI over HDBaseT transmitter package able to push 4K signals up to 70m over a single CAT cable.

"Savant's expertise in the home control and automation space is second to none," PureLink says. "We are delighted to partner with them and bring their customers the same high-quality innovative designs used by our most demanding commercial clientele."


The CEDIA Online Community

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CEDIA launches an exclusive online community-- one the organisation describes as another touchpoint for members wanting to develop and sustain connections within the industry.

CEDIAThe CEDIA Community platform provides a space to connect with peers across both one's region and across the globe to discuss hot topics, share ideas with industry experts and thought leaders, and extend the conversation after in-person events. It also offers access to downloadable resources.

"So many CEDIA members share the same story of making a connection with someone in the industry who became a critical part of their success," CEDIA CEO Vin Bruno says. "We love to hear these stories, and my own career has been significantly shaped by the people I have met and learned from along the way. We are thrilled to be able to offer CEDIA members another avenue to connect with one another year-round."


Roland Buys V-Moda

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Audio gear maker Roland buys a 70% stake in headphone manufacturer V-Moda, a move described by the two companies as "a brand new partnership" with plans to "develop the next breakthrough music products."

V-ModaPost-acquisition V-Moda founder Val Kolton will retain the rest of the company and his post as CEO. He will also act as a product design consultant for the Roland dance, DJ and electronic music division. V-Moda will also continue running as an independent company, if one leveraging on its new owner for further expansion and engineering resources.

Kolton is actually no stranger to Roland, having collaborated with the company on an AIRA-branded version of the V-Moda M-100 headphones.