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BenQ Adds HT2150ST Short Throw Projector

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BenQ HT2150STBenQ launches the HT2150ST-- a single-chip DLP short-throw 1080p projector offering a 100-inch "crystal clear" image from just 1.5m distance, making it ideal for tight spaces.

The DLP chip comes from Texas Instruments and features a 6-segment RGBRGB colour wheel with BrilliantColor technology and 15000:1 contrast ratio. Brightness totals 2200 ANSI lumens, while additional projector features include a .69 short-throw ratio and 1.2X zoom. The display is also optimised for gaming, with micro-second DMD response time providing smooth and quick images.


Draper Claims Biggest Thin Bezel Screen

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Draper ProfileThe redesigned Draper Profile fixed screen has a bezel frame just 1.3cm thick while still being available in sizes up to 9m wide-- making it perfect for both home AV and digital signage applications wanting a "flat panel look."

The company adds size is not the only advantage of the Profile screen-- the redesigned frame is also 30% lighter, making it easier to assemble. Viewing surface attachment should be simple via new sliding hook-and-loop system, while optional LED lights frame the Profile with thousands of colour possibilities.


LG Adds to Minibeam Projectors

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LG announces a pair of Minibeam miniature battery-powered projectors-- the Ultra Short-Throw (UST) PH450U able to projecto 80-inch images and the "extremely portable" PH150G.

LG MinibeamThe PH450U projects an 80-inch 1280 x 720 resolution image from a distance of 33cm, making it ideal for rooms lacking in viewing space. Users can also set it upright on one end to render images on any flat, horizontal surfaces, turning tables or even floors into a movie screen. Image brightness reaches 450 lumens, contrast is 100000:1 and lamp life reaches up to 30000 hours.

Connectivity comes through HDMI (with MHL capability) or USB, and LG claims the battery powers 2.5 hours of projection on a single charge.


Severtson Shows Off Acoustically Transparent Screens at CEDIA

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The Severtson SAT-4K Acoustically Transparent and TAT-4K Titanium Acoustically Transparent make an appearance at CEDIA Expo 2016, both promising a seamless projection screen with "virtually no size limitations."

Severtson screens“The SAT-4K and the TAT-4K offer the professional installer and integrator two great options when deciding on a state-of-the-art acoustically transparent projection screen,” the company says. “The SAT-4K replicates the cinema experience in the commercial and home settings like no other projection screen on the market today. The TAT-4K offers the same innovative technology as the SAT-4K, but is designed specifically for installations with incoming ambient light, meeting and exceeding all industry standards for optimum acoustic performance.”

Being acoustically transparent, the screens allow installers to place the entire sound stage behind the screen at the same horizontal axis, providing vocals and special effects in sync with the on-screen images for an immersive audio and video experience.


Futuresource Expects Projector Market Value to Climb

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A Maze in Projections

Futuresource Consulting forecasts global projector volumes sales will fall by around 20% from 2015 to 2020.

However, market value is expected to move in the opposite direction-- and is set to experience double-digit growth over the same period.

This value will be driven by greater adoption of solid state solutions (which will retain their premium over lamp-based equivalents), replacement demand of digital cinema models and erosion of the bottom-end of the market.

Given their history of correctly predicting how the projector market will develop, Futuresource says the notion that value will grow as volumes decline can-- (and we are quoting here)-- "almost be considered a fact."

Despite the numerous and varied factors impacting the projector market, Futuresource shows it still continues to predict the development of volume sales with accuracy. For example, in Q1 2014, Futuresource forecasted the global projector market in 2015 was set to hit 7.6 million units – the actual number was 7.67 million units-- a difference of just -0.9% Y2Y. Pretty good forecasting. (We're not quoting here, that's us speaking. Less than 1% off is about as good as forecasting gets.)


Draper Expands ReAct Screen Range

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Draper adds to the variety of screens featuring the ReAct high-brightness projection material-- now featuring both fixed and tab-tensioned electric models ideal for home cinema and media room installations.

Draper ReActAs the company puts it, ReAct is an ambient light-rejecting fabric able to enhance colour and contrast in locations where a complete room blackout is either not possible or not wanted. It is a silver/gray screen with the same 1.0 gain as a matte white screen.

ReAct Clarion fixed screens are available in sizes ranging from 92- to 133-inch, while the Adaptive tab-tensioned electric versions range from 86- to 104-inch. Bespoke sizes are also available on special order.


Sim2 Takes On Short Throw Projectors With xTV

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Italian projector maker Sim2 launches an ultra short throw projector-- the xTV, a stylish number the company says turns any wall into a pixel-perfect screen.

Sim2 xTVHoused in a distinctive crystal-glass cabinet designed by Giorgio Revoldini, the xTV uses a hybrid laser light engine with a single-chip DMD device to project images between 85- and 110-inches in size. Customers can either place it on furniture or ceiling-mount it, and the near future should see a version one can build directly into bespoke furniture.

“The concept is not to compete with a flat panel, but create a new sales opportunity," the company says. "If you have an area with high ambient light, you can use the xTV with a screen that makes the picture brighter than a TV."