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Video Calling Expanding Further on Other Screens

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The latest In-Stat research might be pointing out your next install opportunity-- living room video calling systems. According to the analyst, global video calling will surpass 380M active users by 2015.

Video Calling TVThe number of video calling users for 2010 totals 63M.

In-Stat says that while PC video calling will "account for the majority of video calling minutes," it also expects "significant developments" in the living room segment as more vendors enter the market.

Skype remains the market leading solution across all screen types-- PC, mobile and TV. Solutions offering integration with social networking will also be "significant" market drivers.

One can find Skype embedded in a number of devices (including HDTVs and Blu-ray players), while Google TV also offers TV calling features via Google Chat.

Go Video Calling Across Screen Types (In-Stat)