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dARTS Theatre at ISE 2018

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dARTS Theatre is part of the Cinema Parters experience at ISE 2018, bringing a home theatre experience "unlike any other" in the shape of a Dolby Atmos 9.2.6 setup.

dARTS speakerFormed by dARTS, Ineva Designs and DT Screens, Cinema Partners will use precision-calibrated dARTS speakers, the DT Screens Frontier Fixed Frame projector screen with AT Ref image surface and high-end Ineva Designs seating, together with a StormAudio 3D.16 ELITE preamp/processor and a Barco projector.

“This experience is unlike any other because of the precise sound dARTS brings to a home theater,” says. “When combined with the stunning quality of DT Screens’ projection devices and the luxurious comfort of Ineva Designs, the Cinema Partners solutions bring a new level to the home theater experience.”

At ISE 2018 dARTS will also show off its cinema speaker system-- one combining custom-tuned speaker drivers with an "intelligent" amplifier providing up to 105dB SPL anywhere in the listening area. The amplifier precisely calibrates speaker deliver via custom version of Audyssey MultEQ, a piec of software able to correct room anomalies to match a perfected reference level for listening in any room.

dARTS speakers come in freestanding, in wall and custom-box formats.

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