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Extron Brings Python Programming With Global Scripter

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Extron brings installers the option to program control systems using one of the most popular languages around with Global Scripter, an integrated development environment based on Python.

Extron Global ScripterPython is described as a dynamic and intuitive programming language. It is object-oriented, meaning users can quickly start programming through libraries, modules and functions, without need to learn awkward syntax. It is also very commonly taught to high school and college students, making it a path to both entry in AV while allowing AV-based Python programmers to branch outside of the AV industry.

Global Scripter works with the Extron ControlScript Python library, and uses familiar AV terms to make it easier for installers to program AV control system projects. It combines with Extron Pro Series control hardware to create fully programmable custom systems. Customers can also get further resources through the Extron Qualified Independent Programming (EQIP) program, with certified companies providing expert support for Extron control system projects.

"With the addition of Extron control system programming, customers now have the most powerful tools available to build efficiently-designed, sophisticated control systems," the company says. "By combining Extron's Global Scripter IDE with the ControlScript custom Python library, we can offer a very user-friendly, robust programming platform for our customers worldwide."

Global Scripter and ControlScript are available now to certified Extron Authorised Programmers.

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