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Kopi HomeKit-Enabled Security at CES 2018

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Home automation vendor Kopi presents a range of HomeKit-compatible home security devices at CES 2018-- including a central security hub, contact sensors, a smoke and CO sensor, and a motion sensor.

Kopi securityAs one might imagine, the Kopi Security Hub is the central point for all accessories and devices. It connects to home networks via wifi, and can raise an alarm via built-in high-pitched speaker users can arm or disarm via NFC tags. Configuration and control comes through Kopi Connected app able to push status and notifications to users.

HomeKit compatibility allows users to control the Security Hub via Apple Home app. One can also add the hub and associated devices to set scenes and automations. The hub also integrates with Android devices via Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Moving to the accessories, the Smart Contact Sensor is a battery-powered wireless attachment for doors and windows. It signals whether it is open or closed to trigger HomeKit scenes, send notifications and keep a log of status events. Meanwhile the battery and AC-powered Smoke + CO Detector connects to the system via Bluetooth 5.0 and sends alerts to iPhones in case of smoke or carbon monoxide.

The final device is the Motion Sensor with LED-- a compact unit customers can mount to walls or other surfaces. It is powered using x3 AAA batteries, and can trigger HomeKit scenes via Bluetooth 5.0 connection. A built-in LED light can illuminate a specific area and provide a simple home status indicator.

The Kopi HomeKit-enabled security device should hit the market sometime this year.

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