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Metra Launches 4K 18G MHX and MHY Cables

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Metra Home Theatre Group announces new technology and redesigned features in the Ethereal MHX and MHY HDMI cables, including support for 4K at 60Hz HDR content and extended lengths.

Metra cableSet to debut at CES 2018, the MHY high-speed HDMI cables with ethernet deliver 18Gbps from 0.5 to 10m, and 10.2Gbps at 12-15m. Meanwhile the MHX cables deliver 18Gbps up to 7.5m, 10.2Gbps at 8-12m, and 6.75Gbps at 15-17m lengths. For 4K/HDR content at 18Gbps, customers can add the Gigabit Accelerator (HDM-GA1) to the 8-17m MHX cables.

The cables are certified by DPL labs, and feature an audio return channel (ARC), multi-layer shielding and a 24K gold plated Grip-Lox connector to secure to cable to the source and display devices. Grip-Lox connectors prevent the accidental removal of cables while offering increased pull tension, without risk of damaging equipment.

Go Metra launches Ethereal MHX and MHY Cables at CES 2018