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Wink Pairs With Sonos

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Wink HubWink adds a wireless audio maker in its lineup of partner companies-- Sonos, specifically through the compatibility of Wink Hub 2 with all Sonos products.

As Wink puts it, the Hub 2 is a control panel for all connected devices. Customers simply need to connect the Sonos products to the same wifi network as the Hub 2, before pairing through the Wink app. Customer get a number of controls, such as auto-playing tracks or playlists when someone enters the house, or adding music a Wink Shortcut allowing one to dim the lights, adjust temperature and play specific music through a single tap.

Earlier this year Sonos announced plans for a "works with Sonos" program for 3rd parties wanting to integrate hardware or software with its platform. So far it already has a number of big names signed up, including the likes of Crestron, iPort, and Olutron as well as the aforementioned Wink.

Go Wink + Sonos is Here