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Alexa Voice Control for Somfy Window Coverings

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Motorised window coverings from Somy Systems get voice control through the Alexa-enabled myLink, allowing customers to control connected products using simple, natural phrases.

Somfy AlexaControls include raising or lowering shades, exterior screens, rolling shutters, opening or closing blinds or draperies, and retracting awnings. The Somfy Alexa skill allows voice control of all Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) motorised products controlled by the myLink app, as well as scenes and schedules.

The natural language commands promise to be intuitive, for instance saying "Alexa, tell myLink to raise living room shades" to open the living room shades. Scenes and schedules set up on the myLink app should also be easy to control with phrases such as "Alexa, tell myLink to play Good Morning scene."

In addition the myLink hub has been enhanced with firmware updates, a sleek new design and improved performance. The Alexa skill works on both current and legacy myLink hardware.

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