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Klipsch Updates Reference Speakers

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Klipsch launches the next generation flagship Reference speakers-- the RF-7 III floorstanding speaker and the RC-64 III centre channel, both being enhanced versions of the previous Reference II series.

Klipsch referenceBoth described by the company as able to deliver ultra-sensitive, hard-hitting, accurate sound, the two speakers carry a new tweeter. It features a 1¾-inch titanium driver with an enhanced phase plug design able to improve sound pressure linearity at high frequencies. A Tractrix horn further improves high-frequency response and extension, while proprietary Cerametallic woofers minimise distortion and, when paired with the Tractrix horn, provide ultra-high sensitivity and high efficiency.

In further improvements, both speakers feature heavy-duty cast aluminium frame woofers and cabinets made from furniture-grade wood veneers in black ash, cherry or walnut with magnetic grilles.

The RF-7 III floorstanding speaker has a dual-chambered enclosure design allowing two 10-inch drivers and ports to work independently of each other. The result is improved linearity, reduced anomalies in the critical midrange frequencies and what Klipsch says is an articulate soundstage.

Meanwhile the RC-64 III centre channel features four 6.5-inch woofers, with the design of the two-and-a-half network crossover maintaining wide and even sound distribution.

The two speakers are shipping now.

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