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Chord Company Intros Shawline Interconnect

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The Chord Company adds to the Shawline cable line-- a digital audio interconnect featuring an all-new design and the promise to "preserve digital music streams."

Shawline interconnectShawline cables borrow design cues and construction techniques from the flagship ChordMusic and high-end Signature Super ARAY streaming cables, only within a more affordable package. The interconnect consists of four pairs of high-speed silver-plated copper conductors in conjunction with low-loss FEP insulation. Each conductor pair is individually screened with a Mylar foil and a further foil-and-braid outer shielding system to add protection from the RF interference generated by household devices.

Meanwhile the RJ45 connectors are precision-made over-moulded Zinc-hybrid plugs complete with chrome-plated outer casings and 24ct gold-plated pins. Additionally, non-compression strain relief avoids the potential harm caused by squeezing the connectors at the terminations.

The Shawline cable is available now in 2 formats-- pre-assembled standard lengths (0.75, 1.5, 3 and 5m) and custom lengths running over 5m for precise length specifications.

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