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MQA Support for Oppo UDP-205 Player

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Oppo announces a firmware update for the UDP-205-- one adding MQA support to the flagship universal 4K disc player, allowing users to play music files encoded using the format via the Music app.

Oppo UDP-205Post-update, the player can identify and decode files encoded with MQA, allowing owners to benefit from the full resolution of the studio-quality sound the format provides. Oppo plans to add further to the functionality, with MQA-CD compatibility and MQA decoding for the USB DAC and coaxial/optical inputs.

The UDP-205 carries a pair of ES9038PRO DACs, as well as a dedicated RCA/XLR output for stereo, coaxial and an optical digital audio output. Meanwhile the HDMI audio output port features a clock reduction circuit and a USB DAC.

“We are thrilled to work with MQA to incorporate MQA decoding into the player," the company says. "Our audiophile customers will enjoy the lifelike and engaging listening experience with the studio master sound quality provided by MQA."

Customers can update the player directly using the online firmware update feature. They can also get the new firmware through the Oppo website.

Go Oppo UDP-2015.