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MATRIX Intros Z-Wave-Certified IoT Platform

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MATRIX follows the MATRIX Creator Internet of Things (IoT) dev board with the addition of Z-Wave certification, marking the company's debut into the residential custom installation market.

Matrix CreatorAs the company puts it, Z-Wave certification allows custom installers to use the MATRIX Creator to build custom smart home apps delivering highly specific functionality. In addition, such apps can be sold to other customers with similar unique requirements, creating an opportunity for a recurring revenue stream.

“The reality is that integrators may not be able to satisfy all of their client’s requirements with a big-brand automation system,” the company says. “With the MATRIX Creator in their toolkit, though, they can seamlessly build and add customized functionality to accommodate any request beyond the system’s out-of-box capabilities. The MATRIX Creator fills in the gaps, serving to seamlessly pair with a whole-home automation system and satisfy all of a customer’s requests, no matter the ask.”

The MATRIX Creator is a dev board based on the Raspberry Pi micro-computer. It carries a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA, an ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, motion, temperature, humidity, light, ultraviolet and infrared sensors, an 8-microphone array and a 35-LED array.

Installers can program the board in 40 different languages, and it incorporates Z-Wave and ZigBee communications as well as a range analogue and digital input/output interfaces. One can also use it in standalone mode using the onboard processing capability.

In addition, MATRIX offers a product ecosystem with MATRIX Voice, MATRIX OS and a MATRIX App Store.

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