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Nest Takes on Home Security

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The next product category for Google-owned smart thermostat maker Nest is security-- Nest Secure, a product portfolio covering the alarm system, video doorbell, security camera and corresponding software and services.

Nest SecureThe centerpiece of Nest Secure is the Nest Guard, a puck-shaped security base providing the alarm, keypad and voice feedback. It is placed indoors, facing the front door, and communicates with a set of motion sensors dubbed Nest Detects. Customers can place the Detect devices anywhere in the home, such as rooms, near windows and doors. In addition, a Tag keychain can arm and disarm the security hub without need to insert a passcode in the Guard.

Also in the range is the Nest Hello-- a video doorbell combining the previously released Nest Cam with, well, a doorbell. For customers wanting an outdoor security camera Nest has the Cam IQ, a tamper- and weather-resistant version of the Nest Cam offering imaging and intelligence via built-in Google Assistant.

Users can also control all the above mentioned devices through the Nest mobile app. For customers with large houses there's the Nest Connect, a signal booster able to strengthen the mesh networking technology tying the Detect sensors together.

“Today, Nest is delivering on the next phase of our strategy to create the thoughtful home," the company says. “We’ve had quite a year so far, expanding into 11 more countries, growing our product portfolio with the successful launches of Nest Cam IQ indoor and the Nest Thermostat E, and today we’re disrupting yet another product industry: home security. By building product experiences our customers love, Nest has experienced more than 60% growth on devices shipped in recent years and continues to expand to millions of homes around the world.”

The Nest Secure product range will be available in European markets from 2018.

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