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The First Flexson In-Ceiling Speaker

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Sonos accessory specialist Flexson announces a first in-ceiling speaker-- the 65X3, designed to pair with the Sonos Connect: Amp and featuring triple high-frequency drivers for wide sound dispersion.

Flexson 65XSThe 65X3 promises flexible installation, since it is mountable in shallow ceiling voids with 50mm minimum space. It is also moisture-proof, allowing use in kitchen or bathrooms without complication. Room tuning options include a high frequency boost/cut 6dB switch and a bass attenuation switch for level control in case the speaker is located in a large void.

Installers can also take advantage of 180-degree phase adjustment to better match subwoofers if required. For optimum performance customers get a choice of 3 switchable modes-- normal, music of speech.



The 65X3 is available now as a pair. Flexson also offers optional extra pairs of Square Speaker Grilles, as well as a bundle comprising a pair of in-ceiling speakers and a Sonos Connect: Amp.

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