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Bose Puts a Speaker on Your Shoulders

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Customers asking for a wearable audio device that does not cover the ears? Bose might have a solution with the SoundWear Companion, a speaker one wears on on their neck.

Soundwear companionThe SoundWear Companion pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth, meaning it streams music and takes calls just like any other similar device. It is controlled via companion iOS/Android app, and promises to provide music while not shutting out the noise of the outside world.

Producing what "deep, rich sound" is a pair of 11-inch waveguides, while the battery promises up to 12 hours of use on a single charge with a quick 15-minute charge giving up to 3 hours of use). Construction is sweat and weather resistant, and a combination of bend-and-stay steel wire and medical-grade silicon ensures the wearable stays form-fitted on the shoulders.

In addition the SoundWear Companion gets a selection of acoustically transparent covers, allowing customers to swap the default black stylings with either gray, blue and purple options.

The SoundWear Companion speaker is available now.

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