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Genelec Unveils Flagship 7380 Smart Active Subwoofer

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Genelec presents the 7380 Smart Active Subwoofer at IBC 2017-- a subwoofer able to deliver both high SPL and an extended low-distortion LF response from a compact enclosure.

AGenelec s the new flagship of the Smart Active Monitoring subwoofer range, the 7380 seamlessly integrates into any monitoring system, from stereo to multi-channel, as well large-scale 3D immersive setups. It carries a Class-D amplifier section, together with all benefits of Smart Active Monitoring technology, and pairs with Genelec "The Ones" series coaxial 3-way monitors for the creation of immersive systems based on the Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X formats.

The 7380 stands 718mm tall and 492mm deep, and features an 800W Class-D amplifier driving a custom 15-inch low-throw woofer. In turn this is combined with an LSE spiral enclosure to produce a maximum SPL of 119dB (123dB peak) plus precise low-frequency response down to 16Hz.

The addition of Smart Active Monitoring allows installers to monitor the 7380 with other Genelec smart monitors and subwoofers via GLM software for PC and Mac. The software allows the networking of up to 40 Smart Active monitors and subwoofers for instantly recallable system configurations and advanced auto-calibration features. Thus the 7380 can be optimised for best possible performance.

For non-Smart Active Monitoring environments the 7380 offers a full complement of DIP switches on the front panel for a full-featured standalone mode. For installers working with multi-channel audio the subwoofer features 7.1 channel XLR analog inputs and outputs, while an AES/EBU digital connection can be used for stereo operation or full 7.1 digital with the addition of the optional Genelec 9301 Digital Interface.

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