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The Alexa-Controlled Smart Mattress

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Sleep technology company Eight adds further capabilities to its smart mattresses with an Alexa skill allowing one to control such products through Amazon-enabled devices and voice commands.

Eight smart mattressThe "smart sleeping" products currently compatible with Alexa are the Smart Mattress collection and the Smart Mattress Cover. Users can state commands such as "Alexa, warm up the left side of the bed" or "Alexa the bed is too cold" to warm up the bed. In addition one can ask ask "Alexa, how did I sleep last night?" or "Alexa, what's my sleep score" to receive statistics related to their sleeping patterns.

Eight plans to add further Alexa commands later this year for more robust interactions between its products and the virtual assistants. Eight products already feature automation capabilities through If This Then That (IFTTT), but Alexa allows for perhaps simpler integration, not to mention control.

“With more than 10 million Amazon Echo and Dot users, we saw a demand for a seamless smart home experience to be brought also to the bedroom,” the company adds. “Eight is leading the sleep industry into the era of personalised and optimized sleep and our integration with Alexa was a natural progression for our products. By adding this capability, we are offering customers a fully integrated sleep system that fits unintrusively into their lives.”

Back in August Eight released 2 smart mattresses-- the Saturn+ and Mars+, both featuring non-wearable sensors for sleep tracking, dual-zone warming, smart alarm and IFTTT smart home integration.

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