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HomeKit-Enabled Elgato Offerings at IFA 2017

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Elgato expands the HomeKit-enabled Eve product family with five accessories at IFA 2017-- the Eve Lock, Eve Window Guard, Eve Smoke, Eve Smoke and the second generation Eve Thermo.

Elgato home automation The new generation Eve Thermo smart radiator valve features capacitive touch controls and an integrated temperature display, allowing customers to directly monitor and adjust target temperature. It works right out of the box, with no need for extra bridge device or starter pack, and retains all the Eurotronic control technology found in the previous version.

Meanwhile the Eve Lock automatically secures latches and bolts once the door is locked, ensuring the door is safe at all times. Control comes through either Siri, Home app or Eve companion app, and HomeKit allows remote control in case of visitors. As an smart smoke detector, the Eve Smoke not only sets off a loud, pulsating tone in case of fire, but also sends HomeKit notifications and sets off scenes.

To add further security Elgato also offers the Eve Window Guard, a sensor able to detect whether a window is open, closed or tilted. If its state is changed the sensor sends off a HomeKit notification to the homeowner's iPhone.

The final HomeKit-enabled Elgato product at IFA is the Eve Aqua-- a means to add voice control to the humble garden hose. It can also automatically water plants as per custom schedules, as well as track watering activity.

All the above mentioned Elgato products shouldbe available by end 2017.

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