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Crestron Pyng Gets Sonos, Alexa Support

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The latest version of Crestron Pyng (v. 1.010.0038) has the addition of native Sonos and Amazon Alexa support, as well as features elevating the user experience while making integration easier for installers.

Crestron PyngNative Sonos sound system support allows the "effortless" integration of Sonos with Pyng as a multi-room audio source. One simply needs to pair Pyng Sonos Connects to immediately select and control Sonos favourites through Crestron touchscreens, such as the TSW-560P portrait model.

Meanwhile native Alexa support brings the Amazon voice controlled assistant to Crestron home systems without need for programming. Crestron says installers simply have to follow "some simple configuration steps." Once connected, Alexa automatically recognises rooms and scene names from Crestron Pyng for immediate voice control, such as "Alexa, tell Crestron it's too hot in the kitchen."

Further additions include remote configuration (allows installers to pre-configure customer rooms, lighting loads and modules off-site before retreival from the cloud on-site) and client customisation and scheduling (clients can create own scenes and schedules for lighting through interfaces other than Pyng, such as mobile projects and touchscreens generated by the residential version of Crestron Studio).

Pyng version 1.010.0038 is available now.

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