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The Smaller Otto Smart Lock

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Startup Otto presents a different take on the smart lock-- the Otto Lock, a circular device much smaller than most other smart locks currently available on the market.

Otto LockFounded by former Microsoft, Apple and Nokia employees, Otto hopes aesthetics will be enough to draw customers to its smart lock. It is around the size of a standard lock, has no keyhole and offers all expected smart features. To unlock the door, users can simply tap the lock with their smartphone within Bluetooth range.

One can also rotate the Otto Lock like a combination lock to punch in a PIN in case their phone is dead, or unlock it remotely via companion app and wifi connectivity. Home automation support is not included on launch, but the maker says it will be adding Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit support later on.

Power comes through a pair of CR123 batteries, with an emergency backup battery adding enough power for a dozen additional unlocks.

The Otto Lock is currently available on a preorder basis, with shipments to start in the US on Q3 2017.

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