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The Ezviz Wire-Free Mini Trooper

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Smart home technology vendor Ezviz takes on security cameras with the Mini Trooper-- a camera featuring a wire-free design ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Mini TrooperThe Mini Trooper records 720p video through a 116-degree wide-angle lens, with storage via either microSD (up to 128GB) or the cloud through either wifi or ethernet. A companion mobile app allows users to both view recorded video and control the camera. Construction is weatherproof, and Ezviz says the battery lasts for up to 9 months on a single charge.

A base station allows users to control up to 6 Mini Trooper cameras (or other Ezviz cameras) through a single mobile device, be they wire-free, wifi or wired. The future will also see the addition of voice control through integration with Amazon Alexa devices such as the Echo Show.

"Each customer has their personal preferences and security needs, and we want to make it easy and convenient for everyone to customize their smart home solutions," the company says. "The Mini Trooper is the simplest wire-free way to secure life's most cherished moments, anywhere you may be. Our customers get superior value because they aren't restricted to only one Ezviz camera. They can mix and match any Ezviz camera combination and manage them under one app on their phone."

Mini Trooper cameras are available either separately or bundled as a kit with one camera, a base station and an 8GB microSD card.

Go Ezviz Launches Mini Trooper Wire-Free Indoor and Outdoor Camera