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Flipp to Control Speakers Over Wifi

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The Flipp is a Kickstarter project with a single aim-- to provide a simple means for the control of wireless audio systems, including products from the likes of Sonos, Bose and Philips.

Flipp remoteThe actual Flipp remote is a palm-size disc. It does exactly four things, namely pause/play music, control volume, skip songs and skip playlists. It has no buttons, meaning control is tied to specific motions based on how one is holding the Flipp.

Thus, rotating the remote with the speckled white face up controls the volume, while flipping (thus the name) to the black side while rotating skips through songs on a playlist. One can also simply press the Flipp once to pause/play, and press and rotate to switch between playlists.

To enable such control the Flipp uses a hub device, which connects to speakers via wifi. It is compatible Sonos systems and all Spotify Connect-enabled hardware, and it can be configured to provide multiple remotes to control different speakers or speaker groups. In turn, the remote connects to the hub via 2.4GHz radio, with a coin-cell battery providing power.

Should the Kickstarter campaign be successful the Flipp remote is set to ship from November 2017.

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