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NAD Presents C 388 Amp

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NAD C 388NAD announces the C 338 HybridDigital integrated amplifier-- the first amp from the company with a built-in Chromecast, allowing streaming from enabled mobile and PC apps.

One can also stream to the C 388 via Bluetooth, and it can serve as an UPnP client for streaming from a local NAS. Control comes through either NAD Remote iOS/Android app or Google Assistant when paired with a Google Home speaker or Pixel phone.

Powering the C 388 is a Class D amplifier providing 50W of continuous power per channel (into 8 and 4 Ohms) and 150W od dynamic power at 4 Ohms. NAD adds the onboard DAC uses 8 high-end DAC channels configured in a dual-differential array boosting dynamic range to 120dB.

Connectivity comes through MM phono stage (for vinyl playback), stereo line input and digital and coax audio. Also included are a designated TV audio input, subwoofer output and dedicated headphone amp.

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