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Ikea Takes on Smart Lighting

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Swedish furniture maker Ikea is the next company to take on smart lighting, as it launches a range of LED bulbs, lighting panels and doors controllable via either remote or mobile device app.

ikea lightingDubbed the Smart Lighting Collection, the range has a flagship product in the shape of Trådfri-- dimmable LED bulbs in 2200, 2700 and 4000K colour options. Designed to fit in a range of fittings, the bulbs pair with a gateway users connect to the router via ethernet. As mentioned earlier control comes through remote or app, with the app offering customisable lighting options, timers and remote on/off control.

Ikea also offers a dimming kit for the simple changing of bulbs from cold to warm light, as well as dimming from strong and clear to soft and subtle (and back again), and a motion sensor kit to automatically switch bulbs on when someone steps in the room. The final products are the line are the Floalt LED Lighting panels, and the Surte and Jormlien LED light doors for Bestå cabinets and Metod kitchen cabinets.

“Our research told us that the existing technology was perceived as being too expensive and difficult to understand," Ikea says. “With Ikea Home Smart we aim to improve everyday life at home by making it more convenient and comfortable. Ikea Home Smart is not about making gadgets. It’s about adding functionality to our entire product range by integrating technology into our home furnishing offer. Through targeting everyday frustrations, we combine our life at home knowledge with technology to make life more convenient and comfortable, saving time, space and frustration."

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