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Beam+: Newest Telepresence Robot for Home

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Suitable Technologies’ latest telepresence robot platform is the Beam+, and it was created to be used at home.

Beam+ is similar to the Beam Pro. Both Beams have a big camera, big screen, big speakers, user friendly software interface, and the ability to drive. Beam+ is slightly shorter than the Beam Pro. Beam+ just doesn't include the dual radios that let the Beam Pro jump seamlessly between multiple access points required in enterprises.

There are no buttons on the system: it's all controlled via the web interface, and it just sleeps on its charging dock until you log into it. With a 10-inch LCD screen (larger than some other robots), an HDR camera plus a dedicated navigation camera, and a 4r-microphone array, the Beam+ offers telepresence experience if good wifi is around.

The first thousand Beam+ units were pre-orders for just US $995 and it goes up to $1995 after that. Compared to existing telepresence robots (a Double will run you $2500 plus an iPad ($400); an Anybots QB $9700; and the Vgo about $5000). theBeam+ is a market spoiler.

Like many consumer products, the price point may be attractive to small businesses that want to try out telepresence

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